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What’s New in VMware vRealize Automation 7.2


VMware vRealize Automation 7.2 brings the new and most awaited coolest enhanced feature to have the ease of use with Out-of-the-Box Support for Microsoft Azure and Containers.

The Azure endpoint will mostly include:

  • Blueprint creation with Azure VMs, storage disks and NICs
  • Complete Azure networking support.
  • Subscription and Active Directory users information
  • Reservations and integration with the governance model for enterprises.

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  1. VMware vRealize Automation 7.2 will introduce out-of-the box support for Microsoft Azure as well as new container management capabilities.
  2. With this new release, the ability of IT and DevOps practitioners to use unified service blueprints to simplify the delivery of integrated multi-tier applications with application-centric networking and security will be extended to Microsoft Azure, as well as currently supported clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMware vCloud Air and the vCloud Air Network.
  3. Support for containers will enable developers and application teams to accelerate application delivery.
  4. The latest release will feature Admiral, a highly scalable and lightweight container management portal to deploy and manage containers to Docker hosts supporting operating systems that Docker supports. Currently VMware is testing Admiral to deploy containers to virtual container hosts on VMware vSphere Integrated Containers in a private beta.
  5. Beyond Admiral support, developers will be able to provision container hosts from the vRealize Automation 7.2 service catalog. They will have the choice of modeling containerized applications using unified service blueprints or Docker Compose.
  6. Application teams will have the ability to build hybrid deployments consisting of VMs and containers. Cloud administrators will be able to manage container hosts and apply governance to their usage including capacity quotas or approval workflows.
  7. VMware vRealize Automation 7.2 is well suited to organizations required to support existing apps while modernizing them via the adoption of micro-services and a cloud-native architecture.
  8. VMware’s multi-technology approach across private and public clouds with support for containers and OpenStack affords customers the flexibility to manage their talent pools and technology stacks as needed today and over time.
  9. VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.0 will feature enhanced alert management functionality and a redesigned, easy to use interface.
  10. VMware vRealize Operations 6.4 will deliver improved alert management and metric grouping for faster troubleshooting and new dashboards customized to specific user personas that span infrastructure, application and cloud teams.
  11. Both VMware vRealize Log Insight 4.0 and VMware vRealize Operations 6.4 will also include integrations with the newly announced VMware vSphere 6.5 (watch out the next blog for What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5)
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