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How to Re-Register IaaS catalog types in VMware vCAC or vRA



We have created a Blueprint and in "Actions", we have selected all the available options. But after provisioning a VM by using that blueprint, we can only see "Connect using RDP" and "Connect using VMRC" options. Why we can't see the other actions like Destroy, Expire, Power on, Power off, Reboot, Extend Lease etc.


  • Login to IaaS Server “Model Manager Data” as an Administrator.
  • Open the Command Prompt  and change the path to below listed directory C:Program Files (x86)VMwarevCACServerModel Manager DataCafe
  • Execute the following command to re-register the IaaS catalog items Vcac-Config.exe  registercatalogtypes  -v
  • After executing the above command, all the Catalog Items will get registered.
  • Now confirm the list of available Actions.
  • Add necessary Actions to Entitlement.
  • Modify the Blueprint Actions.
  • Now all the configured Actions will be available for VMs
  • It’s not required to restart any service or appliance. The above changes will replicate immediately.
  • It’s also good to check the type of license being used for vCAC or vRA.


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  1. Awheefaccawn
    19/12/2017 04:39 PM

    First things first, its a very nice blog site. Thank you.

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