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Growth of hybrid cloud usage


As the amount of data that’s created continues to grow at a fast pace, businesses in particular are faced with a challenge. Do they keep storing all their data in a private cloud, run by a firm with business related expertise and the security and accessibility to go with it? Or do they just return to the old model where they buy, store and maintain their own servers?

Both of those options could work out to be expensive. But, there is another option that more and more firms are choosing - Hybrid cloud storage.

By using a combination of private and public cloud storage, businesses can keep tabs on all the data they’ve ever produced, but in a more cost-effective way. And, without having to return to the days of managing their own data centre.

Managing Costs:

According to a report from many reputed market research vendors, 85% of businesses had a multi cloud strategy in 2016, up from 82% in 2015. One reason more firms are turning to the hybrid option is because it’s cost effective. By storing the most sensitive and important data in private cloud storage, you’re paying top dollar for the best security and accessibility options.

But, as more firms understand the value in storing and using all their data, much of that data is no longer as important as it was. That means you’re paying the top rate when it’s probably not really warranted.

Indeed, it’s not just businesses that are changing their data storage planning and opting for a system where the most important data is stored on an ultra-secure, private cloud. Some US federal departments are also utilizing this option.

Hybrid Doesn’t Have to Mean Additional Contracts:

As expected, with an increase in the demand for hybrid cloud storage options comes a rise in the number of cloud storage specialists offering that solution in one package. This can save businesses a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy, as well as keeping things simple for the end users at the company, too.

But, just because your public cloud storage is provided by a firm you trust, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your own additional security options. Installing virtualization products onto your staff’s machines is something that should be done as standard. But, if you’re making changes to the way your company stores its data and using public cloud storage systems, then it’s an absolute necessity.

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  1. Rahul
    09/01/2018 03:25 PM

    I like the way its described and presented, Thanks

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