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All you need to know about CGI SiteReliability360



  • CGI SiteReliability360 enables cloud mobility by allowing organizations to transfer applications, databases, or entire ecosystems from one cloud provider to another effortlessly. Enterprises can "cloud hunt" for enhanced services while optimizing cloud cost, stability, security, scalability, and availability of cloud and services.
  • CGI SiteReliability360 proactively monitors and analyses application availability, capacity, and performance (ACP), resulting in business improvements. It facilitates seamless integration of DevOps and DevSecOps, plans and manages operational cookbooks, and automates repetitive activities to decrease "toil" and boost automation maturity.
  • CGI SiteReliability360 improves service availability by more than 40% through faster automated remediation and efficient use of IT resources and services, which minimizes customer churn and aids business acquisition. It is developed on the best-in-class cloud-native technologies - it is AI-powered, scalable, and offers resilient application and infrastructure computing.
  • CGI SiteReliability360 is a hybrid IT management platform that enables reliability through high-availability deployments across any underlying private or public clouds. The platform also provides continuous monitoring of these deployments to achieve service level objectives (SLO), cognitive automated operations management to scale as required, and auto healing when anomalies are identified. It comes with a robust multi-tenant governance layer to manage role-based access, provide holistic telemetry, track utilization and keep costs in check. Built on the tenets of site reliability engineering (SRE), the platform empowers site reliability engineers and DevOps teams, while simplifying the underlying complexity of the hybrid IT infrastructure.


  • Hybrid IT operations – The catalog management provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS service packages, including a service catalog for tailored VDI and workplace, service provisioning and design.
  • IT process automation – Service requests are fulfilled through automated remediation of incident management driven by Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), authorized patches and fixes, and automated patch management.
  • Application lifecycle management (ALM) & Hybrid cloud migration – The gap among the business, technical, and operations units within the organization are bridged to embrace cloud technology and the digital revolution. The ALM provides end-to-end assistance with cloud migration, pre-migration assessment, discovery, application or data migration enablement, and insights for cloud performance optimization.
  • User experience is critical in today’s digital world. Meeting growing user expectations requires constant innovation involving frequent code changes and deploying new application features on hybrid IT environments. In this increasingly dynamic and complex landscape, reliability cannot be compromised as even a few minutes of application downtime or poor performance can impact revenues and customer satisfaction. At the same time, security and privacy concerns require a comprehensive cloud approach that balances risk and value.

Key Benefits

  1. Improves productivity by bridging the gap between development and operations team
  2. Automates repetitive and mundane processes to reduce “toil” and improve automation maturity
  3. Plans and maintains operational runbooks
  4. Enables hybrid cloud management and support
  5. Proactively monitors and analyzes application availability, capacity and performance (ACP)
  6. Keeps keen track of client SLOs
  7. Provides actionable and reliable alerts
  8. Supports rich telemetry and diagnostics
  9. Facilitates seamless integration of DevOps and DevSecOps
  10. Reduces operational costs

Key Features

  1. Decoupling of application blueprints from underlying infrastructure
  2. Reliable cloud-agnostic deployments of application on any underlying cloud, in high-availability mode
  3. Cognitive, automated system management through auto-scale, auto-repair and auto-replace
  4. Significantly faster manual resolution through correlation, topology-based triaging and customizable workflows
  5. “Toil” reduction through business and IT process automation
  6. Management and control of defined service level objectives (SLOs), error budgets and “toil”
  7. Full breadth view of IT service analytics
  8. Quicker problem isolation through service modelling mapped in the configuration management database (CMDB)
  9. Improved security on hybrid cloud, network defense
  10. Automated and simplified patch management
  11. Governance through custom cloud definitions and controlled IT spend management

Deep Dive

  • To meet constantly evolving digital customer expectation, organizations are rapidly building applications, while ensuring a seamless and reliable experience. IT application and infrastructure reliability in terms of speed, availability, scalability and security is non-negotiable for digital organizations. Yet, deploying and managing products and services at speed and scale presents significant challenges.
  • Development team faces frequent code changes to rapidly deploy and manage them. Also, deployment scripts are usually hard-wired and do not function across multiple clouds, increasingly causing cloud lock-in. In addition, organizations must be ever vigilant in ensuring their hosting environments protect data and privacy to comply with regulation and mitigate risks. At last, operational procedures are reactive and largely manual, increasing resolution time and presenting unacceptable downtimes for business-critical applications.
  • This is why, today, site realizability is an integral part of IT operations to ensure that hybrid IT services are available, scalable and secure. This is where CGI SiteReliability360 comes in. It provides an application centric, end to end site reliability framework across hybrid IT environments to establish common goals for development and operations teams.
  • Applications can be deployed easily in high availability mode across any chosen cloud environment. With Its comprehensive and continuous monitoring, automation, healing and scaling capabilities. CGI's solution forms a circle of reliability and offers Artificial Intelligence based automation and proactive IT management.
  • Let's understand how CGI SiteReliability360 supports your holistic hybrid IT life cycle management needs. For deployments, CGI SiteReliability360 uses the "application-centric" approach to decouple the application from its underlying infrastructure, using cloud-agnostic blueprints. These can be deployed reliably across the environment that best balances your opportunity and risk assessments, whether the chosen solution is public, private and on-premises hosting. With this solution, you can deploy a full stack of a multi-tier application, in a high availability mode, on any underlying cloud, in a matter of few clicks. All this, without writing a single line of code.
  • The solution may also be deployed on a custom-created hybrid cloud for hybrid deployments or physical governance. When the application is installed, infrastructure services are automatically provisioned and configured in an intelligent and secure manner across any hybrid environment. The configuration management database (CMDB) is then updated throughout provisioning, changes or de-provisioning for governance and quick resolution of issues.
  • As services are provisioned, rea-time monitoring and security compliance footprints are embedded for a “single pane of glass" view with full stack of observability and control for the entire hybrid IT estate. Rich service level indicators (SLI) are monitored to ensure availability, scalability, security, capacity utilization and cost control. These are rolled up and compared with service level objectives (SLO) to provide error budget in real-time.
  • The platform uses this rich monitoring data across the entire stack to intelligently manage the application and underlying infrastructure with out-of-the box, AI based automated operations such auto-scaling and auto-healing. For example, an organization finds it's facing low availability of the Tomcat webserver. With CGI SiteReliability360, the situation gets flagged as unhealthy and is auto-repaired by procedures such as restarting the service. In case this doesn’t work within configured limits, the faulty component can be automatically replaced.
  • To manage user experience in high-load requirements for special day events, the components will be flagged as over-utilized and a new component will be provisioned and configured. Alternatively, when the load decreases, it will be removed - to intelligently balance both the costs and the user experience. The platform's in-built automation enables automatic operations. This is done, first with event noise reduction with aggregated event management - to show only the addressable alerts to the service engineers and application and infrastructure-based topology correlation of various issues to quickly troubleshoot and get to the root cause.
  • Known incidents can be fully automated with this service automation approach. This significantly reduces application downtime and enhance performance - to maintain error budgets for more frequent releases. Site reliability engineers and the operations team can leverage the platform's out-of-the-box automation and can build custom automation for manual activities to reduce toil. This can be done by proactively assessing repetitive incidents for automated resolution.
  • The platform also has a real-time, prescriptive and predictive decision support system for this proactive management. Not only this, the platform accelerates DevOps and DevSecOps for a fully automated continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline to build, test and release high quality application in a reliable and secure manner. It can also be used to deliver IT as a service with in-built cloud brokerage to digitize the IT function completely for a better employee experience.
  • With all this, you enjoy a wide range of benefits, including much-needed cultural shifts towards proactive and automated operations that increases collaboration and opportunity. CGI SIteReliability360 is truly an empowering partner in today's digital world.  Contact CGI at for SIteReliability360 demo.

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