The most awaited version of Vembu BDR Suite is out now!


The most awaited version of Vembu BDR Suite is out now!

Vembu BDR Suite v4.0 is now Generally Available(GA) for production setups with a lot of new features, customer requested functionalities and performance enhancements.

In the past two months, we have been to more than 5 events across the globe, meeting IT administrators, Service Providers, and general tech enthusiasts. We’ve also grown in terms of user base, reaching out to more customers than ever before.
Across all these interactions, one question has been constant: When can we expect Vembu BDR v4.0?
This blog will provide an insight into the new features that will be available with this release and the other enhancements.

What’s new in 4.0?
You can now backup the VMs running on Hyper-V cluster. Even if the VMs configured for backups move from one host to another, the incremental backup will continue without any interruption.

Backing your Hyper-V VMs, that was initially limited to SMB storage is now extended to shared VHDX. In efforts to ensure seamless backups, a checksum-based incremental technology will be leveraged to track the modifications made in the VMs running on Hyper-V when the default Changed Block Tracking fails.

Having introduced Vembu Credential Manager, you can now add and manage your credentials from a central manager without the need to enter them every time you add hosts.

While we have focused on Hyper-V for the most part in this release, we have also revamped the User Interface of the entire product.

If you go through any of our product reviews at G2 Crowd or IT Central Station, you’ll find that “simple and easy-to-use interface” has been a common appreciation about our product. But we knew we could give an even better user experience. We gave our existing UI a massive improvement to make backups, recovery, and backup data management hassle-free.

Other Enhancements:

Handling New Disk Addition for VMware & Hyper-V

Previously, after the initial full backup, the newly added disk of the VM was backed up only on the next additional full backup. From v4.0, the newly added disk will be backed up in the next successive incremental.

Reconnection for VMware and Hyper-V jobs

If the backup jobs get interrupted due to momentary network failures, no worries as reconnection attempts will be made to resume data transfer.

Live Recovery to VMware

With v4.0, you can now configure the specification of the Virtual Hardware during the live recovery like the socket and core counts, memory, hard disk provision type, and network adapter, allowing you to configure the new VM settings.

Live Recovery to Hyper-V

Previously, the backed up Hyper-V VMs are recovered using the shared path of the target host. From v4.0, a separate agent is pushed to the target machine for performing advanced recovery use cases during full VM recovery.

App-Aware processing for Hyper-V backups

Till v3.9, the Application-aware process was enabled by default for all the Hyper-V VMs. From v4.0, you can individually select the VM to which you want to enable Application Aware processing.

OffsiteDR server options

You can now abort the replication job and activate/deactivate a particular BDR server connected to an OffsiteDR Server.

Quick VM Recovery Report

From v4.0, you will get a report for Quick VM recovery process with details like VM Name, Recovery point, Start and End time, target hypervisor and the status of the recovery.

API for VM list with Storage utilisation report

The new set of APIs is released to give a detailed report on storage utilisation like the size of the VM, storage space utilised by a backup job, compression rate etc.

No matter how complex or mixed your IT environment is, v4.0 will be a competent BDR solution that addresses all your needs. Download Vembu BDR Suite v4.0 today and experience modern data protection for your environment.

The release notes are available here.

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