Recommended Backup Solutions for VMware ESXi



The data is the new currency of every IT organization. This is now the one crucial aspect that runs businesses of any size. Perhaps, this scenario explains the reason why there should be a backup strategy in place. While most backup solutions offer a lot of features with their every successive upgrade, not all of them end up meeting the requirements of the IT administrators. Thus most backup solutions become complex to the data center infrastructure effecting huge downtime that incurs financial crisis for businesses.

The all new Vembu BDR Suite v3.9 that is now available for download is designed keeping in mind the most requested functionalities that would be of great help to any IT environment. And not to mention that this Vembu BDR Suite extends support to both the physical and virtual environments at an affordable pricing. It’s now understood that backup is a concept that is not restricted within a firewall. The ability to provide a scalable, secure and a centralized management solution is the ongoing challenge and with this new version 3.9, Vembu has accomplished just that. Here are few of the use cases of the major functionalities that you would find after downloading it and read on to gain the most out of it.

Vembu tape backup:

  • Scale your data centers by archiving TBs of data on tape libraries.
  • Execute an efficient 3-2-1 Backup and Disaster Recovery plan.
  • Recovery on any virtual or physical platform like VMware, Hyper-V, Windows servers and any Linux based environments.
  • Most affordable form of data (lower cost per GB) storage to any business.
  • Better longevity than most hardware storage solutions.

Advanced backup level encryption:

  • AES 256 bit encryption setting to multiple backup jobs.
  • Option to enable customized password settings through password hints.
  • Prevents data theft and data loss.
  • High security to data in the Vembu BDR Server that it prevents unauthorized access to data in the backup server.

Execute custom pre and post commands:

  • Implement commands and scripts before or after a backup job.
  • Automate these custom actions through a single wizard.
  • Customize these actions for specific backup jobs pertaining to files, folders and applications.

Auto authorization at off-site DR servers:

  • Connects only the registered servers at the Off-site DR severs.
  • Prevents rogue hacking and data breaches.
  • Authorization at the off-site server established through unique passkey that is used for establishing.

Instant recovery on VMware ESXi:

  • Recovery of Hyper-V and Windows virtual servers made available on VMware ESXi.
  • Assured high availability within seconds.
  • Recovery notification can be enabled through registered email.
  • Instant image verification reports made available.

Integration with Windows Event Viewer:

  • Enable granular level monitoring of Vembu BDR Servers on Windows platforms.
  • Notification of ongoing actions and events of Vembu BDR Server updated in the Event Viewer.
  • Type of events - major/critical /warnings/information on the status of the Vembu BDR Server.
  • Centralized monitoring of the registered servers and clients running under the Vembu BDR Server.
  • Saves time as it avoids manual job.

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