Preparing your budget for cloud migration?

Cost savings as a critical benefit of moving on-premises applications to cloud environments. Hence budget need to be planned well.

What is the secret behind a successful cloud migration?

This is always a debatable mysterious theme in IT industry to confirm the secret behind a successful cloud migration engagement.

All you need to know about Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Azure VMware Solution provides you with private clouds that contain vSphere clusters, built from dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure.

Leading use cases for Azure VMware Solution (AVS)

Azure VMware Solution is backed and validated by VMware as a cloud verified offering. Which can be subscribed in Azure cloud portal.

Creating a persistent scratch location for ESXi

If persistent scratch space is not available, ESXi stores this temporary data on a ramdisk, which is constrained in space.

VMware vRA iaas-service shows blank

This blog helps on how to REGISTER a failed iaas-service in VMware vRealize Automation.

What's new in VMware vRealize Automation 8.0

Its a hybrid cloud automation platform that transforms IT service delivery. It helps customers to increase agility, productivity and efficiency through autom...

What’s New in VMware vRealize Automation 7.5

The new vRealize Automation 7.5 is enhanced to make cloud easier to operate, support broader developer team skills sets and application types, as well as hel...

Are you getting the most out of your cloud?

In these days most the companies use cloud computing approach but the question remains same - are they getting the most out of their cloud?

5WH theory of migrating application to the cloud

This blog is not meant to be a manual for application migration to cloud. It serves to be a guide in assisting to make the best decision for your application...

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