Are you getting the most out of your cloud?

In these days most the companies use cloud computing approach but the question remains same - are they getting the most out of their cloud?

Recommended Backup Solutions for VMware ESXi

Vembu is a leading service provider of a portfolio of backup products and cloud BDR suites to small and medium business for more than a decade.

VMware vRA requests stuck at InProgress or Pending Approval

The approver for the request is no longer a member of the approvers group or the approver was added to the approval group after the request was created.

VMware vROPS 6.x Cluster Having Poor Performance

VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x sometimes shows extremely poor performance and the UI does not load, either it takes very long time.

Recommended Backup Solutions for VMware VMs

Vembu is a leading provider of a portfolio of backup products and cloud BDR services to small and medium businesses for more than a decade.

Upgrade VMware vRealize Operations 6.2 to 6.6

VMware vRealize Operations deliver intelligent operations management from applications to infrastructure across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Upgrade VMware vRealize Orchestrator 6.0 to 6.0.5

It Automates Complex IT Processes & simplify the automation of complex IT tasks, which integrates with vRealize Suite to further improve service delivery eff...

Updating vRealize Automation 6.2 Certificates

SSL certificates play a vital role in vRealize environment for secure communication across vRealize products so sometimes the new certificates need to update.

Upgrade VMware vRA 6.2 to 6.2.5

VMware vRealize Automation automates the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure and accelerates application deployment and releases.

Financial traits of cloud computing

In these days most of the companies are under tremendous pressure to reduce IT operation costs, wherever possible. Isn't it?